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Whether it’s in an agency capacity or as an independent affiliate marketing partner, we offer a breadth of tools, technology, and services to meet your advertising goals.

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Candid Maven is a client centric organization focused on providing the highest level of service while delivering a high quality product. The ultimate goal is to help our clients increase their ROI as well as assisting them on the path to getting there. Relationships shouldn’t be transactional. Neither are we. We want to align our goals with yours and work together to help meet your goals.


“Simply put, a maven is a person who is extremely skilled or knowledgeable about something and is willing to share their expertise with others”

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A full-service Saas platform offering lead and call management solutions in a self-service or full-service capacity. Whether tracking leads, or performance, we simplify your situation.

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Expand your skills or start something new, discover colleges by subject areas that matter to you.

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Enhance your quality assurance management with actionable feedback and new insights into your daily operations. With increased transparency and reliable results, you’ll take your organization to the next level.

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